School Policy for KG1 Stage


Students must be able to attend to their personal needs without adult assistance.



·       Student should be able to eat independently

·       Please do not send (boiled eggs) with your kid as it’s not proper for classrooms!

·       Teacher must encourage students to have their breakfast or snack through the day. Pushing them to eat is forbidden.



·       Student must be able to use toilet indecently without adult help.

·       Kids who still use diapers will not be accepted for KG stage.

·       Extra uniform set for each student is a must. This should be sent labeled with your child name.






Books and Uniform:

·       Books should be sent labeled, same applies to the uniform.

·       Books are the student’s responsibility outside classroom, so please keep it clean and neat.

·       If your child lost a jacket or anything of his / her belongings, parents are kindly requested to check directly with the Lost & Found Dept.

·       If your child went back home with untidy paint stained clothes that means they had a lot of fun through the school day












Gate Students:

·       The school day begins at 7:45am and ends at 2:30pm.

·       Gate students are required to be at school not later than 7:30am, as the school gates closes at 7:45 sharp



Rules and conduct (Bus):

·       The bus matron is not permitted to wait for any student who is not available at the fixed time as this causes disruption to the bus round.



Parents/Teacher Communication:

·       The communication between parents and teachers is through:

o  (Learning Management System) "LMS Personalized Access".

o  Parents/Teacher meetings.



Dress and Appearance code(uniform):

·       The school training suit and sport shoes should be worn only on days the children have PE according to their class schedule.



Rules & Conduct(Classroom rules):

·       Bringing to school items such as IPADS, Mobil Phones or other toys, unless particularly asked for by the teacher is forbidden.