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The Second term for prep. Stage

News of the Second term for prep. Stage

1-    Teaching curriculum in more sophisticated methods as well as the use of classmate.

2-    Preparing smart board labs.

3-    Honoring the elite students and preparing a ceremony attended by the parents in which certificates and awards were granted.

4-    Honoring the ideal mothers of the maids and teachers.

5-    Honoring the outstanding school teachers.

6-    Preparing quiz schedules to assess and evaluate the performance of the students.

7-    Students have prepared a journal magazine. They have also hosted and video- interviewed school teachers.

8-    Optimizing the level of awareness to the students regarding personal hygiene and cleanliness with a view to prevent diseases.

9-    Preparing follow-up schedules for the students of limited capabilities.

10- Performing an viagra pas cher ongoing periodic maintenance including paints for the classrooms.       


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