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Behavior Policy

Prep. Stage

Class Regulations

Dear students, you should:

1- Keep your class clean and avoid throwing litter.

2- Don’t spoil the walls and desks.

3- Don’t leave the class between the sessions.

4-Listen attentively to teachers’ rules.

5- Do your homework regularly.

6- Avoid aggressive behavior inside & outside the class.

7- Pay attention to all teachers during the lessons.      

8- Go up stairs & downstairs in organized lines.               

9- Keep disciplined during the morning line.

10- Participate effectively in organizing the class. 


Sec. Stage


III) School Regulations:

1- Dress Code:

  • Students must attend in full and clean uniform.
  • Students must stick to the original school uniform similar alternatives aren’t allowed. Shoes should be black or dark blue.
  • Students out of uniform will be suspended during the first session. In case of repetition, student will be suspended the next day.
  • P.E. uniform is allowed only on the day of P.E. sessions. Otherwise, it will be considered out of uniform and suspension will be applied.
  • Sweat pants are forbidden.


2- Buses:

  1. 1.     Morning and afternoon times of buses have to be respected.
  2. 2.     Buses will not wait for late students.
  3. 3.     If a student fails to catch his/her bus for any reason, he/she will be left at school and the parents will have to collect him/her.

3- General:

  • In case of absence for more than two days in the same week, students must bring a document explaining the reasons of absence and deliver it to the headmistress. [Sick leave – training or championship permission from a club].
  • Mobile phones are not allowed at school. If found, the mobile will be kept at     
    school till the end of the school day and given back to the student.
    In case of repetition, the mobile will be kept at school till the end of the school
    year. The parent has to come to school to take it. (In cases of emergency, please
    coordinate with the person in charge of the stage).
  • Jewellery and all kinds of accessories are not allowed at school.
  • Nail polish is forbidden.
  • School Property: Any damage done to the school property, will be repaired,
    maintained or restored at the expense of the one who has done it.
  • Locker booking:
    Students are allowed to book lockers for 100 L.E. (refundable at the end of the year after delivering it in its good condition.
  • Please note that private lessons aren’t allowed and in case of difficulty in any subject, school should be notified immediately.
  • Parents’ appointments to come to school should be taken 2 days earlier by calling the secretary of the stage. In case of emergency, appointments can be taken one day early. 
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