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Data curriculum for the academic year 2014-2013

KGI Stage :

English :

-The letters from a →z    ( small letter Recognition + writing +vocabulary for each letter)

-Recognition of all the colors + reading the words .

-Reading and writing three letters words ( bag – egg – sun …..etc ).

Math :

-The numbers from 1 to 10 ( Recognition + writing ).

-The shapes ( circle – square – triangle – heart – rectangle –oval ).

-The missing numbers .

-What’s after ?

-Addition .

Projects :

1-Classroom objects.

2-Parts of the body.

3-Members of the family.

4-Zoo and farm animals.

5-My toys.

6-My clothes.

7-Healthy food

Note: Application and exercises of allthe above points in the books and the copybooks.

KGII Stage :

English :

-Learning how to express himself /herself in English using long sentences .

-Identify letters a →z ( small and capital with vocab ).

-Identify colors and shapes and reading the words .

-Reading and writing sentences such as :

                  *I am a boy / girl .

                  *My name is………….

                  *I am five years old .

                  * We are in the classroom .

                  *I love my mum / dad.

-Identify different sounds such as sh, ch , ph, th , ue , oi ……..etc .

-Course book Macmillan level 2 “ You and Me “.

-Set of stories of Macmillan .

-Different projects related to real life such as :

                  * Healthy food .

                   * Farm animals .

                   * Zoo animals .

                    * To the market .

                     * Jobs .

Math :

-Recognition numbers 1 to 20 ( counting and writing ).

-What’s after ?

-What’s before ?

-What’s the bigger number ?

-What’s the smaller number ?

-Addition .


-Arrange numbers as endingly and discerningly .

-Reading and writing words one → ten . 


Data curriculum for the academic year 2014-2013


First ": kindergarten 

Curriculum is taught and the Ministry of Education Egyptian) curriculum for my right play and learn) with training students on the following skills L curriculum content areas: 

* Field of the Arabic language. 

* Field of the English language 

* The field of social concepts 

* Field of religious and moral values 

* Field of Mathematics 

* Field of Science 

* Field of Physical Education and Health 

* Field of Performing Arts 

The French language is taught to the stage as the level of high-KG


 In addition to teaching English and French (stage KGII) as the level of a high table below illustrates the material taught in the current academic year 2012-2013



Baby class






























































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