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School History

Who are we?


  • Integrated Thebes is a leading institution in building the Egyptian citizen through offering unique educational services and activities.
  • Integrated Thebes has always achieved the best academic results.
  • Integrated Thebes consolidates the sense of belonging and affiliation to our history and culture.
  • Integrated Thebes has its own strategic vision for its role in the society and its mission in both moral and academic education.
  • Integrated Thebes adopts the scientific approach and advanced technology in educating its students. We were the first school to utilize computers, multimedia and internet in education.
  • Integrated Thebes believes that "Learning Through Playing" is the best approach to effectiveness.
  • Integrated Thebes believes that inner discipline is a sure way to excel.
  • Integrated Thebes considers the teacher the cornerstone of the school and are availed the best working atmosphere.
  • Integrated Thebes helps students to discover and exploit their talents and potentials.
  • Integrated Thebes believes that the best investment is human investment.
  • Integrated Thebes believes that planning and development is a never ending task and that teachers' training is crucial for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Integrated Thebes believes in the importance of collective work and team spirit without ignoring individual initiative and creativity.
  • Integrated Thebes considers justice the most important value of all.
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