Behavior Policy



Good                       Better                         Best

Never let it rest, Till your good is better and Your better is best.

Learning Contract                        (copy 1)

All parties agree that academic success is the product of a cooperatve effort. To insure that the student will benefit from this union, each party acknowledges the following responsibilities:

 As a  parent I will: spend 15 minutes per day reading with my chld. Monitor my child's schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Maintain a discipline policy with my child Attend all parent-teacher conferences. Pledge not to interfere with the school rules and decisions.

 As a teacher, I will: -Provide a safe, comfortable environment for my students. -Provide ample time for my students to receive extra help. Enforce school rules consistently Provide students with clear and concise expectations Leave no stone unturned to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Signed by the :






Learning Contract                             ( Copy 2 )

To be signed by the parents and sent back to the class teacher .

As a parent , I will :

*Spend 15 minutes per day reading with my child .

*Monitor my child’s schoolwork and extracurricular activities .

*Maintain a dicipline policy with my child .

*Attend all parent –teacher conferences.

*Pledge not to interfere with the school rules and decisions.

As a teacher , I will :

*Provide a safe, comfortable environment for my students.

*Provide ample time for my students to receive extra help.

*Enforce school rules consistently .

*Provide students with clear and concise expectations >

*Leave no stone unturned to make learning an enjoyable experience .







Gate students

Gate students are requested to be at school not later than 7:45 an as the school gate closes at 8:00 am. Any delay will not be allowed or accepted, as it causes disruption to the class. Late arrivals will face school sanction rules in this regard(eg considered absent). The school day ends at 2:30 pm. Parents must wait at the school gate at least 10 minutes before that time. If there is any reason for the parents' late arrival, the school should be notified beforehand. parents will have a  permit card  to pick up their child at the school gate. No one will be allowed to pick-up the child without presenting.


Parent/Teacher Communications

Channel Book

Daily communications between teachers and parents are attainable through the”Channel Book" .

This communication includes lessons covered during the day, specific notices about class or school events and comments on student's behaviour or academic progress.

It is important that you read the channel book and sign it daily. Circulars

Circulars are one of our periodcal communication forms.

It will inform you about our latest news and events.




Rules of Conduct

On Buses

*In all cases, the bus will wait only for two minutes .

*Act reasonably on the bus and follow these rules of conduct.

 *Use proper language.

*Behave decently .

*Administration should be informed if there is any problem.

*Be seated all the time.

*are not to change the bus stop without a written request signed by the parent and approved by the headmistress.


students not abiding by the above regulations will be deprived of the bus service for a period of one day up to a permanent dismissal according to the gravity of the situation.


Rules of conduct ( cont.)

Classroom Rules

Students are expected to :

*Keep their desks and classes clean and tidy .



Attendance and Excuses

Regular attendance is important:

School starts at 7:45 am, after that students will be considered late. Please make sure your child comes on time.

 In case of Excuses :

He/She must first receive written permission from the headmistress. Students must be picked up from the headmistress office Land not from class.

 N B. The School Gate will be closed at 8:00 am.

 Dress and Appearance Code .

a)     Uniform:

The school uniform must be worn daily :

          Proper school uniform implies that the following notices should                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

          be taken into consideration by the students.

          They should come to school in :

        *A clean and ironed uniform .

        * Clean and polished shoes.

       * Plain and flat shoes.

b)    Proper Appearance:

c)      Tidy hair and short clean nails,” No nail polish “.




Electronic equipments such as mobile phones, CD players, walkman and Game Boy are not allowed at school Students who bring unacceptable devices to school risk having them taken away and they will only be returned 1 at the end of the year.



School Health Service

A full time, competent and qualified doctors available throughout the school day to deal with all emergencies, Parents are required to contact the school doctor regarding medication so that proper procedure can be established. For the well-being of all school children, if your child is absent for a contagious illness, he/she must see the school doctor before attending classes again .